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Music Program at Kawartha Montessori School

Preschool - Grade 8

At Kawartha Montessori School, music is not just a subject, it’s a way of life. From our youngest learners to our Middle School students, we foster a rich musical environment that resonates with creativity, harmony, and expression.

Music Education for Every Age
We believe that an education in music enriches the soul and cultivates the mind. Our comprehensive music programs are tailored to each developmental stage, encouraging children to explore, appreciate, and create music.

Tone and Pitch Training
Our curriculum integrates Montessori materials to teach tone and pitch, enabling students to develop a keen ear and understanding of musical nuances from an early age.

Exploring World Music
Children are immersed in music from around the globe, nurturing cultural awareness and appreciation for diverse musical traditions. Singing, listening, and exploring different rhythms and melodies inspire creativity and global empathy.

Instrumental Exploration
Learning to play various instruments forms a core part of our music programs. From the recorder to percussion, students are encouraged to experiment and find joy in creating music.

Choir Participation
Our choir program enhances vocal training, harmony, and teamwork. Students learn to sing together, experiencing the power and beauty of communal music-making.

Middle School Composition Studies
For our older students in the Middle School program, we offer an extended opportunity to study composition. They are guided to develop their own musical pieces, exploring creativity and self-expression in a supportive and stimulating environment.

The Impact of Music Education at KMS
Music education at Kawartha Montessori School is not just about playing notes and singing songs. It’s about building a deep connection to the language of music, understanding its role in human culture, and nurturing the innate musicality in every child.

Building Confidence & Skills
Through practical lessons and creative exploration, students gain confidence and essential musical skills that contribute to their overall academic success and personal growth.

Fostering Community & Collaboration
Music brings people together. Our music programs are designed to cultivate a sense of community, collaboration, and understanding that transcends the walls of the classroom.

Join the Symphony of Learning
We invite you to learn more about our unique music programs at Kawartha Montessori School and how they can inspire and enrich your child’s education. Contact us today to discover the rhythm of learning at KMS.

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