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Elementary Program at KMS

Grades 1-6

KMS’s Elementary program, designed for children aged 6 to 12, is a key part of Montessori education. It’s split into two parts: Lower Elementary (6-9 years) and Upper Elementary (9-12 years). This age bracket is when kids are at their intellectual prime, curious about everything and keen to understand social norms and their place in society.

Lower Elementary Curriculum Upper Elementary Curriculum

Understanding that children this age thrive on big challenges, large numbers, and fundamental concepts, our Montessori educators center their learning on human interconnectedness and the world at large. This approach gives students a deep understanding of the world and vital skills for their next educational stage.

By the program’s end, your child will have a wide knowledge base, a deep understanding of concepts, and the ability to think critically and independently. We understand each child progresses at their own pace, and our Elementary program is designed to support and nurture this.

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