2247 Burnham Line, Otonabee-South Monaghan, ON K9J 6X7

Our Community

At Kawartha Montessori School, we treasure our tight-knit community and continuously aim to create an environment where everyone thrives. Our pillars of commitment, kindness, and peace permeate every facet of our school, shaping our curriculum and how we interact.

We prioritize hands-on learning and nurturing children’s interests at our Montessori school. Communication with families is highly valued. We offer parent education sessions and have established a Parent Engagement Group for community building. Our Lending Library is a treasure trove of resources for lifelong learning.

  • Our Board of Directors, comprised of parents, labours tirelessly to put forth a clear and exact framework reflecting the children’s needs, ensuring they receive the finest education.
  • Our Parent Education Sessions immerse you in classroom materials, Montessori theory, practical parenting tools, and presentations by students, faculty, and guest speakers.
  • Our Commitment to Communication between the school and home is showcased via our weekly e-newsletter and regular opportunities for parent-teacher meetings.
  • Our Engagement Committee cultivates a sense of unity among families, acting as a liaison for each classroom. Building a robust community is key to our students’ success, and we facilitate numerous opportunities for family gatherings and socializing throughout the year.
  • Our Lending Library offers insights on Montessori education, parenting, classic literature, and more. We consider learning a lifelong voyage and strive to back our families in every way feasible.

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