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French Program

Preschool - Grade 8

Kawartha Montessori School is proud to present our French instruction program, specially curated for students starting at the age of and continuing through to the end of grade 8. This program underscores our commitment to offering well-rounded, multi-lingual education to our students.

A Comprehensive Approach to French Learning
The French program at Kawartha Montessori School consists of small, ability-based groups meeting several times a week under the guidance of our skilled French specialist teacher. The primary focus of this program is to foster a deep understanding and practical abilities in conversation, grammar, and reading in the beautiful French language.

We utilize the Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) program in our lessons, a renowned method that enhances language acquisition. The teaching employs scaffolding techniques that include engaging storytelling, gestures, active collaboration, and repetition to make learning enjoyable and effective.

The AIM Technique in Action
Through the AIM program, we ensure that learning French is an exciting and interactive experience for our students. We believe in making language learning a creative and holistic process that not only builds linguistic capabilities but also develops cultural awareness and intellectual growth.

Engaging & Collaborative
The use of storytelling and active collaboration stimulates the students’ interest and enables them to grasp complex linguistic concepts through enjoyable activities. The dynamic classroom environment ensures every student participates and thrives in their French learning journey.

Building Confidence & Proficiency
By focusing on conversation and practical application of the language, we aim to equip our students with the confidence to speak and understand French fluently. The program’s structured progression ensures that learners of all ability levels find success and joy in mastering a new language.

Why Choose the French Program at KMS?
Joining the French program at Kawartha Montessori School means becoming part of a tradition of excellence in language education. With experienced educators, a well-crafted curriculum, and a supportive community, we provide an enriching environment that nurtures the love for language and the skills necessary for global citizenship.

For more information about our French program or to register your child, please contact us.

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