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At KMS, we count on the generosity of our community for annual giving, capital projects, and strategic initiatives that allow us to deliver the best Montessori education in Peterborough. By supporting KMS, you help make our school truly exceptional. Your generosity, no matter the amount, will make an impact.



You have probably already realized that the investment in your child’s future extends far beyond tuition fees. Your time, talents and donations are also necessary to create the best possible experience for your child at KMS. Over the years, we have been asked, “why does KMS need our support?” Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about charitable giving at KMS.

I pay tuition, why does the school require extra funds?

Tuition covers the basic operational costs of KMS, but we strive for more than just the basics. We have special initiatives like the Kawartha Montessori School Bursary Fund to ensure that deserving students can attend KMS, regardless of their financial background. Additionally, we invest in capital improvements, scholarships, advanced educational resources, and professional development for our staff. Donations help us bridge the financial gap between tuition and these extra but essential initiatives.

What is the Annual Appeal?

The Annual Appeal is an ongoing source of revenue to support a multitude of needs within the school. The goal of the Annual Appeal is participation. Each year, KMS will invite Board members, parents, staff, alumni, grandparents, and friends to support the school. Within the Annual Appeal, we will also invite families to donate to the Leadership’s Fund. A contribution to the Principal’s Fund provides the principal with unrestricted financial resources and the flexibility to respond to new challenges and emerging opportunities.

How much should I give?

Only your family can decide how much you wish to donate. All gifts are appreciated, and no gift is too small. Individual gifts range from $20.00 and up. We hope that KMS will be one of your top philanthropic priorities during your child’s time at the school. Participation is the key. We encourage all families to give what they can. It’s not what you give, but that you give!

Does KMS accept gifts of stocks and securities?

Yes! Please let us know if you prefer to donate in this manner and we will provide you with the information to ensure that your gift is made easily and efficiently.

Will we receive a charitable receipt for our donation?

Yes, as a registered charity, KMS will provide a charitable tax receipt for all donations.

How can I donate to KMS?

Donations can be made via:

  • cheque, payable to the Kawartha Montessori School and mailed to: 2247 Burnham Line, Douro, ON K9J 6X7
  • wire transfer (bank details available upon request)
  • donations of publicly traded securities, which often offers considerable additional tax benefit
  • planned giving approaches including estate planning, flow-through shares, and other tax-beneficial strategies
  • in kind gift, by donating a service or item of value that the school can benefit from
  • use the DONATE NOW button below
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