Parent Testimonials

“Excellence experience so far. Most of all, we value the qualities we have seen in our children that reflect their experience at school. This includes strong academics and independence.” Patton Family

“It’s been a great experience thus far. I really value the commitment to the Montessori ethic.” Nazarani Family

“KMS has created a young child to be an individual at such a young age, to show respect for others and respect for the world around them. They learn to use critical thinking and think for themselves. I value that teachers take the time with each individual child and not just classroom teachers, but all teachers at KMS care about the well being of each child. You can’t trade anything for a living, and caring school environment for your child. For the future, my son will transition to a new classroom with new teachers for the first time. I would like to see him grow in this class with the same teachers and have another three years of his teachers knowing him very well and using that to their teaching strength and capability. I think a child thrives in a Montessori environment.” Lavery Family

“Wonderful experience for Izzy. We have felt that her teachers have understood her and found ways to motivate her, boost her self-esteem, and help her rise to her best work. She has developed strong work habits over the last year and I am so thankful these are in place before high school. Izzy has been allowed to be Izzy. Best about KMS? The positive attitude of all staff and parents. This permeates the culture of the school and I very much appreciated knowing my child is learning in an environment of respect, grace, and courtesy.” Lloyd Family

“Our experience at KMS has been absolutely incredible. All staff have been wonderful. The time spent with the children, and the care and expertise the teachers demonstrate on a daily basis, are what I value most about KMS.” Traxler Family

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