Our Facility

We make the physical and emotional safety of our children the top priority while they are inside and out of the school. The environment within the school is calm and welcoming. Our large classrooms are bright and attractive and fully equipped with the highest quality Montessori materials. They are authentic in design and function according to the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. The community of parents and staff are committed to investing in the development and improvement of our facility and school as a whole.

Our 10 Acre Property at the Woodview Campus

In November 2014, we announced the acquisition of a second campus just east of Peterborough, and in June 2016 we closed the doors at our Cameron Street campus, making the transition back to a single location.

This is a very exciting time for our school! Our new 10 acre campus houses our whole school community, from Casa to Middle School. We are located beside Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park, with plenty of beautiful outdoor space and a light-filled contemporary building that creates the perfect atmosphere for curiosity and learning.

Interested in learning more about what a Montessori education could offer your child?

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