Our Community

At Kawartha Montessori School we are defined by our community. We believe in being a school that models commitment, kindness, and peace. Our families, friends, and staff work together on a daily basis to provide the best possible education for the children of our school. There are many ways to contribute at KMS. Here are a few ways the KMS community defines itself:

  • Our Board of Directors work from a clear and precise framework. The framework is constructed from input by the parents and staff, and reflects the needs of the children.
  • Our Parent Education Sessions, held monthly, provide parents with an opportunity to learn. Workshops include hands-on experience with the classroom materials, Montessori theory, practical parenting tools, presentations by students, faculty, and guest speakers.
  • Our commitment to communication between the school and home is clear. We create a monthly newsletter of student work, a weekly e-newsletter, regular blog posts including the Weekly Peek, and regular opportunities for parents and teachers to meet.
  • Our Parent Engagement Group provides numerous opportunities for families to gather throughout the year to socialize and play together, and are the parent representatives for each classroom.
  • Our Lending Library provides resources on Montessori, Parenting, Education, Classic Literature and much more.
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