Board of Directors


The KMS Board is the keeper of the mission, goals and guiding principles of KMS. The Board is accountable to the membership for ensuring that the mission remains relevant to the school community, the goals are achieved, and that the behaviours, decisions and actions of the school are in keeping with the guiding principles.

The Board is the link between the membership of KMS and the operation of the school. It represents the interests of the membership in ensuring appropriate operation and outcomes of the school.


The mandate of the KMS Board of Directors is to establish and oversee the guiding principles and policies for KMS; to delegate responsibility and authority to those who are responsible for enacting the principles and policies; to monitor compliance with those guiding principles and policies; and to ensure the Board is held accountable for their performance. The Board Members adhere to a set of by-laws adopted in 1982 when the school was incorporated as a not for profit organization.

Board Members

(Please see their biographies here)

Chair: Meghan Campbell

Vice Chair: Catia Skinner

Treasurer: Wendy Thompson

Secretary: Sherra Fam (retiring)

Directors: Michael Skinner, Christine Grigg 

Annual General Meeting

The Board holds an Annual General Meeting each October. Attendance at the AGM is expected by at least one member of each family.  See “Important Dates” and “Welcome” emails for the date and time of this years AGM.

Becoming a Member of the Board

The Board of Directors at KMS are expected to play an integral role in maintaining the values and mission of the School. As such, a parent or community member who volunteers on the board must be prepared to demonstrate a commitment to the whole school and its members. If you are interested in becoming a member of the KMS Board, we would be happy to speak with you. Please inform a Board Member or the Principal of your interest. Any openings on the Board are determined and confirmed through election at the AGM.