Casa (Preschool, JK, SK)

Kawartha Montessori School is the only CCMA accredited school in the Peterborough region offering authentic Montessori education to children 2½ to 14 years of age. Learn more about what we mean when we say “Authentic Montessori.” Our Casa program is also fully licensed under the Ministry of Education.

The Casa dei Bambini Program
The Casa dei Bambini program is for children 2½ to 6 years of age. Children at this age have a deep love of learning in all facets of life. They are driven to absorb and practice skills that provide greater independence, which is precisely why the environment of a Casa classroom is so full of engaging opportunities for the children.

Dr. Montessori always emphasized that the hand is the instrument of intelligence – the mind and hand must work together. There are no limits to the curriculum a child can explore. When a child leaves Casa and enters the Elementary program they do so with confidence, a love of work, a strong academic foundation, and skills of independence that allow them to pursue the new work of their next phase of development.

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