Casa – Week of November 6-10

This Week:

In Casa this week, leading up to Remembrance Day, our focus was on peace. The students learned ways to say “peace” in different languages, including sign language. They discussed what peace means to them, what it looks like in their lives, and how to be peacekeepers in their classroom and at home.  Maybe they can tell you about it and teach you how to do the “peace breath”!

Next Week:

We are very excited to have Police Officer John coming to visit Casa next Thursday. With our focus on peacekeeping, we are looking forward to the children hearing about how John is a peacekeeper in their community.


Now that the colder weather is here and the children have more outdoor clothing, we would love if they could practice putting on their belongings at home!  If given the time to do it, they are all capable of putting on their splash/snow pants, boots, jackets, hats, and mitts independently!  If they are still working on zippers, encourage them to try first before helping them.  They are used to asking an older child for help so if they have an older sibling maybe they can help too.  The videos below will show you a great trick to help them put their jackets on independently (sorry they’re sideways).

MS French Presentations

Beginning November 6th, the MS students will be presenting their projects on a famous Canadian. Many students chose musicians, artists, or athletes. These presentations will be in French and many students chose to do a power point slide show. I am looking forward to learning about some Canadian celebrities ” en francais.”

UE French-Voyageons dans le temps


We have had a very busy week in UE French organizing items and pictures that will be put in our “capsule historique.” Each student either brought in an item that represented something special to them or drew a picture. The items were placed in plastic baggies and we will be picking a day in the next week or so to bury the time capsule. Sohun will also be sending me a photo of the trip he is on right now to add to our collection. The students have learned vocabulary about important events that have happened in years past. C’est fantastique!!


French Update


UE French students are required to bring in an item or a picture of an item that they want to include in our “capsule historique.” Please bring these items in for Monday, October 23rd. MS have started their French projects and CASA and LE continue to practice their French plays. They are excited for the next stage which is “les costumes.” Merci!


We have had a great week in French in all the levels. CASA and LE students are continuing to learn the lines to the plays using the puppets. Many are acquiring great pronunciation skills. UE students worked on their “Lettres personnelles” which will be put in our time capsule. MS students will be starting their culminating projects on a famous Canadian. They will each present their research in French. Bon weekend!

KMS Photo Day!

Photo Day Tips

We know you have a lot going on during the busy back to school season.  To help you prepare for your school photo day, here are some helpful tips and tricks to getting the perfect photo of your child.

Before Photo Day

  • Aim for a haircut at least a week before the photo day, this allows hair to grow into a comfortable length for photos.
  • Check to make sure your child’s uniform or clothing for photo day is clean and wrinkle free.
  • Help your child practice their smile in front of a mirror.

On Photo Day

  • Bright and solid colours help emphasize your child’s smile.
  • You might want to send a comb to make sure their hair is perfect for their photo.
  • If your child normally wear glasses, feel free to wear them for your photos. Our photographers are trained to reduce glare on the lens.

It doesn’t matter sometimes how clean they are when they leave the house in the morning, young children like to run and play.  Edge Imaging offers 2 different retouching services to make sure your child’s photos look the way you meant them too.  We can remove the spaghetti stains, the dirt from recess and the marker from art class.

See you on October 24th!

Mumps Outbreak

To parents/students/staff:

 As you may have heard, mumps has been circulating in Peterborough recently.  We are contacting you to provide some advice on how to keep yourself, and our schools, healthy and safe.

Mumps is caused by a virus.  It causes swelling of one or more salivary glands, fever, loss of appetite, tiredness and headache.  Mumps is spread by droplets or saliva from the person who is infectious. We advise that everyone take extra care not to share drinking bottles or cups, stay home if ill, and wash hands frequently, especially before eating or touching your face.

As immunization helps to decrease the risk of becoming ill with mumps, Peterborough Public Health is reminding everyone born after 1970 to check to make sure you have had two doses of the vaccine given after the first birthday and a minimum of 28 days apart.  The mumps vaccine is part of the MMR or MMRV vaccine combination.

If we have documented spread of mumps in a school setting, the Immunization of School Pupils Act does mandate school principals to exclude any student who does not have two doses of the mumps vaccine. Peterborough Public Health will also require non-immune staff to stay home for the period of risk. So please make sure you are protected and if not, see your health care provider or call Peterborough Public Health at (705)743-1000, ext. 131, to receive your mumps vaccine.

If you develop symptoms, do not go to school and call your health care provider.  Your health care provider may order tests to diagnose mumps if he or she suspects this to be the case. Because mumps is a reportable disease, Peterborough Public Health may be in touch to work with you and your contacts to help prevent the spread. Mumps is infectious 7 days before the onset of symptoms. In addition, a person with mumps can spread the illness for 5 days after becoming ill.

To check whether your immunizations are up to date, visit or call your health care provider. You will also find a fact sheet with further details about mumps symptoms, prevention and risks on their website.


Ugette Vanderpost



We Need your Stuff!

Our recess and gym equipment is starting to look really tired. As staff we are always looking for ways to fill a need creatively – we are very aware that we all can collect ‘Sports Stuff’ that seems to linger in the corners of our basements or garages and soon becomes forgotten. Well, if you have gently used or new sports equipment that you no longer wish to have – we would be so grateful if you donated your items to KMS! There is a giant box in the hall ready for your kindness.
Before considering a donation, please take the time to look at our Needs List below. We have limited storage so if you have an item that is not on the list, but would like to donate it, please come and see me. Thank you!!!
KMS Recess and Gym Equipment Wish/Need List

Gym Materials:

  • Bases

  • Pylons – orange ones or flat ones

  • Mixed balls – mixed sizes, softer balls

  • Skipping ropes

  • Hula hoops

  • Bean bags

  • Exercise ball (large)

  • Tether ball

  • Earth ball

  • Nerf balls (for dodge ball)

  • Tennis balls (many)

  • Footballs

  • Baseball gloves

  • Frisbees

  • Volleyballs and net

Recess Materials: (items kept separately from gym equipment)

  • Mixed balls

  • Skipping ropes

  • Hula hoops

  • Footballs

  • Frisbees

  • Tether ball

  • Badminton rackets and birdies

  • Bocce ball set

  • Ping Pong net and rackets

  • Slackline

  • Hammock

  • Mixed toys for playing ‘house’/’store’

KMS at Keene Pumpkin Festival!

The KMS campus is officially in the Otonabee South Monaghan Township and what better way to get involved in our community than a Fall Fair in Keene this Saturday!
We will have a KMS booth at the Keene Pumpkin Festival and our students will have their decorated pumpkins on display! So please make the trip to Keene and support KMS Kids on Saturday October 14!
Here is a link to the Keene Pumpkin Festival – Hope to see you there!