Casa March 25th-29th

This week:

This week we gave a warm welcome to our new friends who joined our classrooms! We had a blast making carrot soup and exploring the lower field in the sunshine.

Tip of the week:

Please say “Hello” to our placement student Nanae if you see her in the hall. She is with us for two more weeks! We do like to spend time outside so thank you for sending your children in weather (and mud) appropriate clothing! We have had a lot of fun!

Next week:

Our Public Open House is next Saturday, April 6th from 10am-12pm! Please feel free to share this information with any friends or family interested in learning more about our school.

Casa News: February 25-March 1

This Week:

What a busy week we have had in Casa! On Monday, Aimee’s Mom “Chef Anne” came in to help the children make fruit salad. It was a hit! Irish Millie was also visiting that day and brought along her fiddle to play for the children. Some children even had the opportunity to touch the fiddle and try out the bow on the strings. On Tuesday, Evan Ng’s Mom, Jenny, visited both Casa classes to teach the children more about Chinese New Year. Students had an opportunity to ask questions and use chop sticks! Today, Jimmy Chapman was back for another exciting session of break dancing. You can ask your children if they can show you “the robot”, “the worm” or “cut the cheese”. Remember to check out the photos we post to see some photos of these events as well as students completing daily work.

Next Week:

Tuesday will be Pancake Day at KMS. This is a wonderful morning when the Lower Elementary students prepare and serve pancakes to the whole school! The pancakes will not replace a meal, so please still send along whatever food you normally would. Please also send your child with a plate and fork in a bag. More details can be found in the email sent out by Kristi this morning.

Don’t forget there is no school on Friday, March 8th, as teachers will be hosting parent-teacher interviews.

Tip of the Week:

Thank you so very much for all of your donations of milk / juice cartons. We have received enough cartons to begin our bird feeders!

We have a new student teacher in Casa for the next seven weeks. Her name is Nanae and she is currently completing her ECE diploma at Fleming College. We encourage you to introduce yourself if you see her in the halls!

Casa Feb.4th-8th

This Week:

What an icy week! This week we spent some time learning about the Chinese New Year and took a walk to our lower East field to play for recess!



Next Week:

Monday, February 11th:  PEG initiative Staff Appreciation Potluck.  Please contact a PEG member, ( ) if you have any questions or refer to the information email.

Friday, February 18th: P.A. Day



Tip of The Week: 

We are hoping for better weather next week to be able to play outside. Please consider sending an extra pair of mitts if you haven’t already. Have a great weekend!


UE Update -Freaky Jan!!!!

The Upper Elementary and Middle School students were lucky enough to get to see the TASS production of Freaky Friday. It was very well done ! The actors, singers and dancers have been practicing the play since OCTOBER !!!!!! We are very glad that we got to see the amazing production by the TASS students . This week we began our weekly visit to Trent for gym. We will be going for two weeks every Wednesday for the rest of the term . We ran hard, played hard, and had a great time!

Next Wednesday, we are going to Brimacombe to ski and snowboard . We will be there for the whole day! You are able to buy food there and you can rent equipment, if you don’t have any. We are allowed parent volunteers, so if you want to come you can. We are starting a Zoology unit in culture next week to learn more about animals, how they are grouped and classified, special adaptations, and other things. We’ll let you know how it goes…

Work hard , play hard !!!! by: Jenna & Zoey

UE Update: Doing Hard Things Builds Resilience

A Cross-country meet?  In NOVEMBER?

Even though students had been training and practicing in gym for this late season cross country meet, many were worried; about winning or losing, about being too cold, too tired to cross the finish line.  For many, this was epic, a race of Mount Everest proportions in their minds!

There are many reasons as adults that we would be tempted to help children avoid or escape such an extreme and difficult challenge.  Too cold.  Too long.  Too boring.  Not their ‘thing’.  We have a strong instinct to protect and shield those we love, especially when they are young.  As children get older, however, things become more and more murky; we know children don’t gain confidence without experiencing challenges, but surely we could save them from THIS particular challenge….?  Which challenges are important?  Which ones could we dodge?  The fact is,  adversity builds strength.  Any adversity.  Emptying the dishwasher.  Writing a math contest. Death in the family.  Having conflicts with friends. Running a Cross-country race in November!  We want our children to face hard times and know that they can dig deep and accomplish really difficult things.  We want them to face new situations with a ‘give-it-a-go’ attitude, and be able to cope with challenge and failure.  After all, life is FULL of new and difficult things.  As well, who can deny the benefits of the camaraderie and connection we feel with others who have been through hard times too?

The first ever KMS Cross-country meet was full of challenges.  As well as training for weeks beforehand, students were directly involved in making the day a success.  Middle school students baked cookies all week and made giant pots full of home-made chicken soup, hot chocolate, lemonade to sell during the day.  The morning of the race, some schools sent in cancellations, worried about temperatures and weather.  Our multi-school race was shrinking…could we pull it together?

Parents, teachers, volunteers and students all felt the cold temperatures that morning.  It sure felt like winter, while watching other grades race.  Amazingly, in the end, the students said that when they were running, they didn’t feel cold at all!  Students made a real effort to be good hosts to those who came from other schools — playing games at lunch, describing the course, cheering each other on.  Altogether, the day was a resounding success.  Everyone worked together to make a memorable, epic challenge happen, and the benefits from coming through a day like that outweigh all of the difficulties involved.  Truly, nothing worth having comes easily.  This event built resilience.

Some thoughts about what we can do to promote resilience in our children, from a wonderful website article by the Montessori School of Wellington, in Guelph:

Model self-control – use techniques such as taking deep breaths, counting to ten, removing yourself from the stressful situation.  Demonstrate to your child that you don’t expect instant gratification.  Encourage your child to keep trying even when it’s hard, difficult or frustrating.

Help your child to understand that there are situations in life that are challenging and have no magic solutions. Show them that sometimes you need to work at finding solutions and deal with adversities.

Help your child to identify what she can and cannot control.  How we think about situations that happen to us really determines how we feel and what we do.  Be a flexible thinker and gently challenge your child’s assumptions.  Offer ways to see a situation from another perspective and new ways of handling difficulties they might face.  If you find that your child has a persistently negative attitude, for example, “I never get to go first,” or “ Now everything is ruined,”  challenge their thoughts and remind them of the times when they were first and remind that, if one thing goes wrong, not everything is ruined.

We ourselves are here because of the determined efforts and resilience of generations of others.  For them, we are grateful.





UE Update – Mini Worlds and Remembering…

Perhaps the motto in UE should be ‘Plan it, Then Make it Happen’. We keep practicing this, over and over. It’s fine to have great ideas, but we know the world doesn’t change unless you put some of those great plans into action!

We really stepped up this week to make our part in the Remembrance Day ceremony great! We wrote poems, made art, and did a little researching to find out more about the wars, and the people in them. We shared our work at the Ceremony today. Joe’s Uke group shared a great song – yay, Uke group! We had a special visitor (Brennah’s dad) come in to share a gripping story about his aunt Maria, and her life as a teenage Polish supporter of the resistance. She was a prisoner at Auchwitz, and survived the war to live her life in Canada. It really makes us thankful that we don’t have to face war in our country and all the very devastating things that come with it.

This week on Wednesday we had a great time in Burnham Woods investigating soil. There’s a lot there that you aren’t seeing unless you really look closely! Thanks to Nancy and Carrie for helping us to learn outdoors.

UE Update: Famous Figures visit us, the cupcake phenomenon, and the show-offs!

We had some spectacular famous figures from history visit us this past Tuesday morning.  Wow, never was there a day when Albert Einstein shared space with Emily Dickinson, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Sylvester Stallone… truly, 25 of the greats!  We learned how to do a Biography in the last couple of weeks, researched our famous people, and then dressed up as them, presenting our information as if we were statues that came alive in our Interactive Wax Museum!  It was both fun and stressful to present to people who came to visit, and our fellow students too.  Joe, Carrie, and Kristina said that the costumes and presentations were top notch, this year!  Thanks so much for helping us at home, too.

Awhile ago, a group of students on the Celebrations Committee had a meeting and started some planning about our traditional Halloween Potluck.  Everyone brought lots of food (cupcakes) and we ate lots of creepy things (cupcakes) and even had enough left over to offer around to the teachers in the school (cupcakes).  Ummm, if you didn’t already guess, we had lots of cupcakes!  They were DELICIOUS!  Aaaaand, there are never too many cupcakes.  Seriously! Thanks for helping us get the potluck things ready at home, we know it was such a busy week with everything happening!  We say it was very worth it.

Next week we are hoping to show you around and let you see what we have been doing here at school these last couple of months!  Won’t you please come in on Wednesday after school so we can show off a little?  Thanks for making the time.  Also, if Wednesday isn’t a great day, feel free to pop in any day with your student to see their work (as long as it’s not a yoga day!)