UE News – September 18-22

Culture is the backbone of our Elementary Classroom.  The cultural lessons provide the foundation for our learning in other areas, and many other weekly work springs from our studies in culture.  The 4’s are studying Needs and Wants, and are classifying the Fundamental Needs of man.  If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you NEED?  What would you WANT?  What is the difference?  How would you group the NEEDS?

The 5’s are studying the Timeline of Humans.  They are discovering that there were different groups of humans in the past, sometimes living in the same time period, and that these humans evolved over time.  They are also learning about where these human ancestors originated, and how and why they moved out of Africa, across the continents.

The 6’s are studying Ancient Civilizations.  They are practicing their research skills by finding out certain information from book and internet sources about their chosen Civilization.  They needed to work together to come up with appropriate and agreed-on areas for study in order to later compare the different civilizations (more on that, next week!)