Week of May 28-June 1, 2018

What’s Happened:

This week students began caring for and watering their own two trees at KMS. Some students were even singing to and naming their trees!! I have to say I think the trees liked it! Kaia donated some flowers for our garden and in groups we decided where they should be planted. Thank you Kaia and Couch family! Today we participated in the big Jump Rope for Heart event. Students travelled around circuits with their mixed age team and fun was had by all. It was very heartwarming to see older students caring for and guiding younger students.

Next Week:

Next Thursday the LE and UE classes will attend the “Children’s Water Festival” at the Peterborough Zoo. We are still in need of a couple more parent volunteers who have police checks.


Please watch the calendar as there a great deal of things happening in the last few weeks of school!

LE News Week of May 22-25, 2018

What’s Happened:

This week students enjoyed finishing their pottery creations and they all looked beautiful! Our rehearsal went smoothly on Thursday and students were so supportive of each other. Showcase was fabulous on Friday. What a bunch of talented students KMS has!

Next Week:

June 1 is Jump Rope for Heart and it will take place in the morning. Please ensure students have water bottles, sunscreen and are dressed for the weather.


Our classroom can get warm so please make sure students are dressed for the weather and have a water bottle.

French UE Bake Sale


On Friday, June 1st, the UE students will be hosting their annual Vente de Patisserie. The bake sale will be from 3:15-3:45 pm in the Specialist room and we are asking everyone to bring in their own containers for the baked goods they choose to purchase. The items will all be nut free and there will be ingredient lists for those with food allergies. We are asking for a minimum of .25 per baked item purchased. All of the proceeds go towards the UE year end trip. Thank you so much for your continued support.


Jodi and the UE students

Reminder to Elementary Parents

This is a friendly reminder about tonight’s Camp Wanakita Information Session here at the school beginning at 4 pm. Learn all about your child’s experience at camp and ask any questions that you may have. Parents and students welcome!

In addition, please remember that all camp forms are due tomorrow (Thursday).

LE NEWS May 14-17, 2018

What’s Happened:

Students enjoyed admiring their beautiful Artistry hanging in the hallways this week. What a variety of work! This week the LE’s loved scattering wildflower seeds in the backyard and we hope to plant more next week. This activity tied in nicely to our lesson about “The Needs of the Plant.” Students have been practicing their Drama play diligently and enjoyed a walk in the woods for Gym.

Next Week:

On Wednesday, students will again enjoy the opportunity to participate in a pottery workshop. Rehearsal for Showcase takes place on Thursday and students are to be dropped off at Grace United Church (Howden and Monaghan St.) between 8:30/8:45. Friday at 5p.m. is the actual Showcase event for Parents and family.


Please ensure your child brings a labelled water bottle to school for use in the classroom, at gym and outside. If anyone has any wildflower seeds they would like to donate we will be happy to accept them for our backyard planting.

Have a safe and happy long weekend!

Showcase Rehearsal Reminder

This is a friendly reminder to all LE, UE, and MS families that Music Class this Wednesday (tomorrow) is the first Showcase run-through.  Kids need to have all their props, music, books, acts etc. here at school and be ready to perform for their class during Music Period.

Thank you!


Week of May 7-11, 2018

What’s Happened:

This week in Lower Elementary students have been on a Geometry craze lately!! They have enjoyed making huge designs and cool patterns. Take a peek at the website as we have posted some of these great creations. Students also enjoyed working on their pottery creations for Art and it was thoroughly enjoyed. We were busy as well this week preparing our Art for the Expressive Art Show. Thank you to all the volunteers that have given their time today to help hang our creations. Today students attended the “Jump Rope for Heart” kick off presentation and information will be coming home soon about it.

Next Week:

Next week be sure to attend our Gallery of Art hanging in our hallways.


Have an amazing weekend and enjoy some outdoor time!!


LE French


LE students have recently started a new unit called “Une Maison pas comme les Autres.” This is an amusing unit that teaches vocabulary associated with “une maison,”(a house) and “les immeubles.” (furniture) The theme is based on alien houses and their unique designs. The culminating task for this unit will be to design  “une maison” for an alien family and label it with French vocabulary. C’est tres amusant!

LE News: Week of April 30th- May 4th

This Week:

Happy May and Happy Spring, Finally! With the warm, spring weather,  students were able to enjoy some extra time outside with a hike in Burnham Woods.  Here, students added to their nature sketch books and enjoyed playing some fun games.

Expert day wrapped up with a successful presentation to parents. The students were excited to share what they learned about their famous artist. Thank you to everyone who made the time to come out to this event!

We finished off the week with “May the fourth be with you” also known as Star Wars day. We had many students dress up in costumes, wear Star Wars t-shirts and do their hair like specific characters.

Next Week:

LE students will be participating in a Pottery Workshop on Wednesday run by Jenni Johnston.

Jump Rope for heart kick off will be taking place on Friday. Lastly, we will be collecting and completing art for the upcoming art show.


Please ask your child to bring in their favourite two or three pieces of artwork for the Expressive Art Show.