Bonnes Vacances


I am wishing everyone a happy and safe March Break. When we return, there is lots planned for all levels of French! The CASA students will be learning new sport vocabulary and doing actions for each sport. The LE students will be finishing their writing and picture activities for “Comment Y Aller?” They will be creating puppet shows to portray a different version of the play. In UE we will finish the unit on “Soyons Branches.” Culminating tasks have yet to be decided. MS will be having grammar lessons on “le passe compose” and they will also be starting their comic strips online as a culminating task for the unit on Ado Monde.



Merci Beaucoup

The MS students and I would like to extend a big “MERCI” to all the families who purchased tourtiere. We sold out very quickly each day and I apologize to those who were not able to try one. Please look forward to next year’s French cuisine. Enjoy your weekend!

Jodi Proulx

Francais at KMS

Bonjour! French at KMS is exciting at all levels. The CASA students are still practicing their play with their costumes. Props will be added in soon. The play will not be presented to parents until after Christmas for CASA.

LE students are soon ready to present their play “Comment Y Aller?” Props were added in this week which was very exciting for them. WE WILL BE PRESENTING THE LE PLAY ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21ST. Times will be set soon for each group. I will keep you posted.

UE students started a new unit called “Explorons l’univers. ” This unit teaches them all about space in French! C’est fantastique!

MS students are continuing to work on their food unit and learning new grammar concepts. TOURTIERE SALES WILL BE MONDAY DECEMBER 11TH AND THURSDAY DECMEBER 14TH AT 3:30. They are made fresh to go and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Bon weekend!!


MS French Presentations

Beginning November 6th, the MS students will be presenting their projects on a famous Canadian. Many students chose musicians, artists, or athletes. These presentations will be in French and many students chose to do a power point slide show. I am looking forward to learning about some Canadian celebrities ” en francais.”

UE French-Voyageons dans le temps


We have had a very busy week in UE French organizing items and pictures that will be put in our “capsule historique.” Each student either brought in an item that represented something special to them or drew a picture. The items were placed in plastic baggies and we will be picking a day in the next week or so to bury the time capsule. Sohun will also be sending me a photo of the trip he is on right now to add to our collection. The students have learned vocabulary about important events that have happened in years past. C’est fantastique!!


French Update


UE French students are required to bring in an item or a picture of an item that they want to include in our “capsule historique.” Please bring these items in for Monday, October 23rd. MS have started their French projects and CASA and LE continue to practice their French plays. They are excited for the next stage which is “les costumes.” Merci!


We have had a great week in French in all the levels. CASA and LE students are continuing to learn the lines to the plays using the puppets. Many are acquiring great pronunciation skills. UE students worked on their “Lettres personnelles” which will be put in our time capsule. MS students will be starting their culminating projects on a famous Canadian. They will each present their research in French. Bon weekend!


CASA students will be choosing their characters for the play “Le petit chat cherche une famille.” LE students are practicing their lines using the puppets for the play “Comment Y Aller?” UE and MS students continue to work on French vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar. Soon they will be starting culminating tasks.

La Surprise


The UE class enjoyed their first surprise today in French. They have their surprise once they have earned enough buttons “les boutons.” “Les Boutons” are given to students each French class for speaking in French. The students take turns asking questions in French like “Comment ca va?” ” Quelle est la date?” For the surprise we usually watch a Disney movie in French and enjoy a healthy treat or a traditional French treat. Today they watched Paddington in French and snacked on crackers and cheese.


French at KMS

We have had a great start to French at KMS! The CASA students are learning numbers to 10, colours and “comment ca va?” We will be starting to learn the play ” Le Petit Chat Cherche une Famille” next week. ” Comment Y Aller?” is the play LE has just started to become familiar with and all the students have picked their characters. UE is working on a unit called “Voyageons dans le Temps” which is activity based French and we are learning about time travel and important events in the 20th century. MS students are studying “Portraits Canadiens” which is a unit on famous Canadians.