Child-Guided Interview Protocol 2018

Child-Guided Interview Protocol

We will be running this term’s Parent Teacher Interviews in a child-guided format.  It is imperative that you carefully read the following guidelines in order to ensure that both you and your child have a positive and informative interview session.

The Casa program is named after the Italian Casa dei Bambini which translates into “House of the Child”.  It is this foundation upon which we build our day to day classroom environment. For this set of interviews, we are inviting you to see your child’s classroom from their perspective. This means that you, like a teacher, will have a specific role. While some of our suggestions may seem unusual or even rigid, please remember a Montessori classroom is a child’s place – the adults are only there to guide when required.  Maria Montessori said, “The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ While we wish you could observe for an entire three hour work cycle, we feel this interview is a way to give you a snapshot of your child’s day. Ideally, your child would follow their curiosity and choose work that speaks to them in that moment – this is the real magic that happens daily in a Montessori classroom. Instead, your child has chosen work in advance that they would like to show you.

We are going to do our best to adapt our classroom so that your child may feel ‘at home’ and you can properly observe. We greatly appreciate your support and diligence in following these guidelines:

  1. We can accommodate no more than two adults per family per interview.
  2. Please arrive 5 minutes before your interview is set to begin.  Take this time to observe your child at their cubby.  They do not need any help hanging up their coats or removing their outdoor shoes.  You are welcome to hang up your coat and remove your outdoor shoes too, if you wish.
  3. One of the more obvious ways to demonstrate someone is just observing is to stand with hands behind the back. You may want to do this while your child is preparing to enter their classroom and any time that you might be standing to observe.
  4. Once your child is ready, please wait quietly in the hallway with your child until your teacher guide emerges from the room.
  5. Your child will enter the classroom first, shaking the teacher’s hand at the door, put their indoor shoes on, and begin their day as usual.  
  6. Your teacher guide will provide you with a note pad and a pencil so that you can conveniently jot down notes or questions during your observations. With your teacher guide, we will invite you into the classroom.  We ask that you do your best to be silent once you cross the threshold.
  7. We firmly ask that you stick to your teacher guide like glue.  You will be directed to an appropriate observation location inside the classroom.  Here your teacher guide will work to quietly answer your questions, and provide you with informative commentary specific to your child.  You will also have time to silently observe.  If your child requires a teacher’s support during their work cycle, we ask that you do not approach them, but allow the teacher guide to enter in and offer that guidance.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to observe how your child interacts with their teacher in the classroom setting.
  8. After about 20 minutes of work, the bell will ring.  This signals to the children that it is time to pack up their work and get ready for home time.  You will have an opportunity to observe this transition.
  9. We will shake your child’s hand at the doorway to say ‘good bye’ before beginning the next interview time slot.  Please respect that we are on a tight schedule and appreciate your help to stay on track.

If you have questions or observations that you would like to share with your teachers, please send us a detailed e-mail.

Thank you for taking time to carefully read these guidelines.  We are looking forward to embarking on this new journey with you and your child. Remember that this experience is new for all of us, and we are open to hearing your feedback after the experience.  

One final note to pique your interest and to help you to understand our methodology.   Please take a few minutes to follow this link for two examples of Montessori  ‘glass classrooms’.


Kind regards,

Your Casa Teaching Team

Casa Weekly News Feb 20 to 23

This week: It’s been a busy four days in this end of the school!  We continue to celebrate the Olympics including working in our very own KMS Olympic Training Centre!  Children participated in four training events including Speed Skating, Hockey, Luge and Team Spirit.  Please see pictures from these events posted in the gallery this week.

Next week:  Next week is Montessori Week.  You will find a variety of materials in the lobby for you to peruse.  Casa materials will be on display on Monday, LE on Tuesday and so on.  Feel free to explore and ask questions!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for an interview.  This term’s interviews will be child-guided.  For details about how that will look, and the important role that you will play as a parent, please see the notice posted today.  We sincerely hope that you will take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the process.

Casa tip of the week:

As the weather warms up, and children begin to wear new coats and splash pants, we ask that you remember to label everything.  It seems that all 38 of our Casa friends own black splash pants.  You can only imagine our struggle to keep it all straight!

LE News: Feb 19-23

This Week:

It was a short, yet busy week.  Students participated in the KMS Olympic Day where they represented a country and practiced their speed skating, hockey and luge skills. It was a fun day of training!  For Grade 3’s, speeches were in full effect. They had the opportunity to watch some of the Upper Elementary students present their speeches and then worked hard at writing their own.  


Next Week:

Let’s hope Brimacombe continues to make snow over the weekend for our second ski day on Tuesday next week. Please watch the website closer to Tuesday for details on this.  Next week, Grade 3 students will be presenting their speeches to class. We are excited to hear them! Lastly, Movie Night is happening on Friday night! Stay tuned for more information.



The warm weather is fast approaching. Please be careful of open water and educate your children around this.

MS Update: February 20-23

Hello Middle School Families,

We have managed to pack a lot in to this very short week! Students gave the oral presentation of their speeches that they have been working very hard on. They addressed some great topics.

Today (Thursday) we participated in some “Olympic Training” to celebrate the Winter Olympics. The Middle School students did a really wonderful job helping the younger students participate in these activities. We really appreciate the patience,  kindness and compassion that they showed when working with the younger students. Well done!

In case you missed it, the Parent Teacher interview schedule was released this week. Please sign up for a time slot as soon as possible.

We have a couple of exciting opportunities coming up next week:

Tuesday: KMS Ski Day #2 (if the weather participates!)

Wednesday: The Middle School has been invited to attend a showing of the LCS Dance Showcase in the afternoon. Transportation is being provided by LCS.

Have a great weekend!

A.J. & Carrie

UE French- La grande competition de poutine


Next week the UE students will be creating a poutine recipe in their French groups. They will prepare their poutine recipe in French class and Joe, Kristina and Kristi will judge the creations on their taste, texture, smell, appearance and overall appeal. The students always enjoy this especially because they get to eat also! On aime beaucoup la poutine!

Passez un bon weekend avec vos familles!