Casa Update – November 13 -17

This Week:

Casa students enjoyed a visit from Constable John this week! We learned about a police officer’s job, their training, we discovered how they keep communities safe, practiced some common traffic signals and even learned some police abbreviations! Ask your child what 10-4 means!

Next Week:

We are excited to have KMS parent Kari Burgis come in and host  a “holiday themed” cooking class for us in the student kitchen next Wednesday!


Invite your kids to help you in the kitchen! In Casa Cooks we have been focusing on a certain skill each month. So far, we have poured beverages, peeled fruit and vegetables and cut cheese and pita bread! The children love helping out and take great pride in doing so. Next time you need assistance with one of these jobs, ask your Casa child if you need the job done!

Casa – Week of November 6-10

This Week:

In Casa this week, leading up to Remembrance Day, our focus was on peace. The students learned ways to say “peace” in different languages, including sign language. They discussed what peace means to them, what it looks like in their lives, and how to be peacekeepers in their classroom and at home.  Maybe they can tell you about it and teach you how to do the “peace breath”!

Next Week:

We are very excited to have Police Officer John coming to visit Casa next Thursday. With our focus on peacekeeping, we are looking forward to the children hearing about how John is a peacekeeper in their community.


Now that the colder weather is here and the children have more outdoor clothing, we would love if they could practice putting on their belongings at home!  If given the time to do it, they are all capable of putting on their splash/snow pants, boots, jackets, hats, and mitts independently!  If they are still working on zippers, encourage them to try first before helping them.  They are used to asking an older child for help so if they have an older sibling maybe they can help too.  The videos below will show you a great trick to help them put their jackets on independently (sorry they’re sideways).

Weekly update: October 16-20

This week: Congratulations to Casa South for their first place win at the Keene Pumpkin Festival!  All EYES were on their pumpkin 😉
In Casa cooks the children did some more peeling practice! This week was learning how to peel a cucumber. Maybe they will show off their skills at home!
Perhaps the most intriguing part of the week was the presentation from our local Firefighters. We learned about fire safety, protection and that the people under the gear are our FRIENDS and not to be afraid of them. Get low and go!

Next week:

SMILE! It’s picture day on Tuesday October 24th.

We would also love you to join us for our Parent Education session on Thursday! Come and explore the Math curriculum and materials from Casa all the way to Middle School.

Tip of the week: 

Your child is learning (or already learning) to write in cursive! Not because it looks fancy… but because it is igniting your child’s brain in ways that writing in print does not! Here are some other reasons why cursive is taught in Montessori:

  • Each letter begins from the same place, less confusing
  • Each letter starts from the left and moves to the right, preparing your child for reading.
  • It is the natural way that your child’s hand wants to move: print is very static including a lot of lifting off the page, not natural! (Have you noticed your child’s art work? A lot of continuous circular scribbling)
  • Your child’s brain is lighting up like the Fourth of July! Learning cursive writing, the brain develops functional specialization that integrates both sensation, movement control, and thinking. Brain imaging studies reveal that multiple areas of the brain become co-activated during the learning of cursive writing!


Casa Weekly Update: October 10-13

This week:  Our Casa students relished in the bounty of the season and made homemade apple juice using a cider press. Making our own fresh and tasty beverage with our own 2 hands was so exciting! Grinding Gala, Courtland and MacIntosh apples and then turning the crank to grind the fruit into a pulp was a highlight of the week! Delish!

Casa students also took pride in participating in a whole school Thanksgiving ceremony outdoors. We all have so much to be thankful for!

Next week:  We will be having  visitors from the Otonabee-South Monaghan  Fire Department to teach us about fire safety.

Our school is hosting a public Open House on Sat., Oct. 21 and invite you to spread the word to any friends or family members that are looking for an accredited Montessori program for their children.

Tip of the week: As pesky cough and cold season is upon us, we remind families how important it is for students to get extra sleep, drink plenty of water and protect themselves and others from germs. Practice blowing noses by keeping the germs contained in a kleenex, and then washing hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards. This may seem  obvious, but little people need lots of practice and reminders to trap cough and sneeze germs in their elbow to keep everyone healthy!


Casa Weekly Update: October 2-5

This week:  Our Casa students had an excellent week filled with work, fun, and Thanksgiving gratitude!  We made apple sauce during Casa Cooks on Monday, created adorable turkey puppets, and shared many thoughts of what we are thankful for.  We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend filled with friends, family, and lots of yummy food!  See you Tuesday!

Next week:  Your children will be making apple cider using an apple press and preparing pumpkins to be entered in the Keene Pumpkin Festival!  Hopefully you can make it out to the festival next weekend to visit the KMS booth and see the KMS pumpkins!

Tip of the week: Did you know that your children clear their plates and scrape their dishes after every snack and lunch at school?  They sweep up under their seats and wipe down their tables as well!  Maybe they could help to set the table and clean up after meals at home too?