Casa Weekly Update: April 3-6

This week:

Another short week but full of lessons, work and mud!

Next week:

We are learning how to measure in Casa cooks this month! Any time your child can help at home to practice is helpful 🙂

Tip of the week:

Spread the word to friends and family that we have an Open House for the public on Saturday from 10-12 . They can come check out our school and speak to staff about programming and enrollment 🙂

Casa Weekly Update: March 26-30

This Week: 

Casa students have been having an Easter Egg-stravaganza this week! We have been crafting Easter nests, creating eggs with water colour paints, hunting for Easter eggs in our backyard and dying Easter eggs au natural! Using ginger, turmeric, blueberries and beets we created beautiful shades of Spring! Casa South welcomed 3 new friends to the classroom. Ask your child if they know their names 🙂

This has been an egg-citing time and we wish you all a lovely & safe holiday weekend!

Next Week:

Reminder- Monday, April 2  is Easter Monday and the school will be closed.

Tip of the Week:

With warmer temperatures coming and going, our backyard is thawing and becoming quite mucky. With this thaw comes lots of puddles and mud! Please send your child to school with rubber boots and splash pants/snow pants depending on the weather.  Also, please know that even though teachers give children many reminders to not play in the mud or water, sometimes children explore! A reminder that very muddy clothing may be found at the back north doors. Hoppy Spring!

Casa Weekly Update: March 5-8

This Week: 

Our Casa students were fortunate to have a visit on Monday from Anita Pinto (Meyah’s Mom in Casa South).  She is a chef in Peterborough and did some baking with the students. They had so much fun!

We are happy to have a new Student Teacher in Casa who started on Monday.  Her name is Danielle Fenton and she is pursuing her Early Childhood Education diploma at Fleming College. She will be at KMS for the next 7 weeks.  We welcome you to read her bio that is posted on the Menu Board by the front doors.

Next Week:

MARCH BREAK!  See you back at KMS on Monday, March 26th.

Tip of the Week:

Have a safe and happy March Break!  Remember how independent your children can be. You can try providing them with opportunities to help out around the house over the break. It will help you out and keep them busy at the same time!

Casa weekly news: Feb. 12-15

This Week: 

Our Casa students enjoyed the week celebrating with  pancakes, hearts , the Pete’s and of course, the Olympics!

Monday was “opening ceremonies” and we waved our homemade Canadian flags down the halls on our way out for recess. The rest of the school joined  us and we chanted our “Go Canada Go” together outside!

We are thankful for the LE students and their cooking skills as we enjoyed eating the delicious pancakes and maple syrup on Tuesday!

We had fun making Valentines Day crafts and hope that you enjoy them!

Next Week:

It is another short week but we look forward to learning new lessons and practicing what we have been taught.

The Olympic spirit will also continue and we look forward to our whole school event, Olympic Day! Go Canada Go!

Tip of the Week:

No matter what age, sport is a great way to teach your children about sportsmanship, perseverance, determination and joy! Great conversations can happen when watching an event like the Olympics, make it a family event of your own!


Casa Weekly News: Feb. 5 – 9

This Week: 

We started our week off mashing sweet potatoes in Casa Cooks! Children did a fabulous job mashing, scraping and stirring the oldest vegetable in the world!

Ski day was a big hit and a great opportunity for the whole school to come together for a fun frolic in the snow at Brimacombe Ski Club.

Big thanks to Evan’s Mom Jenny Wei, for coming in to teach us about the history, customs and celebrations surrounding Chinese New Year. We welcome the Chinese New Year on Friday, February 16.

Next Week:

On Shrove Tuesday, we will be having our annual whole school pancake day! A gluten free option will be provided to those with this dietary restriction.

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a loving kindness guided meditation, gratitude share and a very special surprise! Please send your child to school on Wednesday dressed in red, white, pink or purple clothing.

Join us at the Pete’s game on Thursday, February 15 where KMS will have reserved seating. Tickets are still available at the office.

Reminder – Friday, February 16 is a P.A. day

Tip of the Week:

Cold and flu season is upon us and children are reminded of the importance of thorough hand washing throughout the day. If your child is ill with fever, cold or flu it is best for them to be at home where they can be comfortable. This prevents the spread of germs that contribute to illnesses. Thank you for your compliance and help in keeping everyone healthy.

Casa Weekly News – January 29 – February 2

This Week: 

Our Casa students were fortunate to have 2 guests in to visit this week!  On Monday, Justin and Jodi Pinkerton came to teach the children all about a paramedic’s role in our community.  Students got to listen to their own heart beats using a stethoscope, lie on a stretcher, and tour the inside of the ambulance!  On Friday, Jimmy Chapman will be visiting again to continue his lessons in break dancing!  The kids are VERY excited!!

Next Week:

Next week is our first week in quite some time that we don’t have a trip or guest booked.  Students traditionally find great joy in these types of weeks, as they love their routines of lessons and work. We’ll be gearing up for a week of love and gratitude the following Valentine’s week. A friendly reminder – please do not send Valentine’s Day cards with your Casa aged child(ren).  Thank you!

Tip of the Week:

Our paramedic guests recommended that children know two pieces of information in their homes:

1.  Their address. If they are too young to memorize their address, it was suggested to post the address on the fridge.  Even if your child can not read yet, 911 operators are trained to ask creative questions that will help a child to share such information.

2.  How to call 911.  If you have a landline in your home, this should be an easier task.  If not, it is recommended that you teach your child how to make an emergency call from your cell phone (hint – most cell phones have an “emergency call” button on the swipe screen so you don’t have to give them your password).

Casa Field Trip Details (Camp Kawartha Outdoor Centre – Wednesday January 24, 2018)

Great news Casa families!

We have decided to extend our day at the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre (on Wednesday) until 2:30.
What does that mean for your child?
1)  We ask that you drop your child off at KMS between 8:30 and 8:45, as usual.  The bus will be leaving promptly, shortly after that.
2)  If your child is usually picked up at 11:45 or 1:00, please make arrangements to pick them up at the same time from the Outdoor Ed Centre.  We recognize that this is a change in your usual routines, but we feel that the opportunity to experience this field trip makes it worth it!  The address is 2505 Pioneer Rd, up near Trent University.  Please let your classroom teachers know that you have read this and that you are able to pick them up there.
3)  If your child is used to having a nap or a rest in the afternoon, rest time will still be provided at the Centre.  Given that this is a new environment, your child may have a hard time sleeping, so if you would prefer, you are welcome to pick up your child at 1:00 instead.  Please let your classroom teacher know of your plans.
4)  The bus will bring the remaining students back to KMS at 2:30 for a regular 3:30 pick up.
We are all excited to be able to take advantage of this extended day, and look forward to watching your children experience this programming!  Please let us know if you have any questions.
Kind regards,
Your Casa Teaching Team
~ Click on the link below to see the Notification of Off Premises Activity

Casa News – January 8- 12

This week in Casa:

Happy New Year! Welcome back! We hope you all had a joyful and restful holiday. Both Casa classes are back in full swing. We had two special guests this week which was exciting. We learned how to breakdance from our hilarious friend, Jimmy Chapman. Maybe your child will show you some moves! We also had Dr. Angela return for another year of Teddy Bear Hospital. She is a parent at KMS and an emergency doctor with a passion for making visits to the doctor a little less intimidating.

Next week in Casa:

Registration for the following school year begins!

Casa Tip of the week:

We encourage our students to be on time for school and they need your help to do this! It is extremely important in how they begin their day.

The best ways to set your child up for success in the morning are to set a routine , prepare their environment and get a good nights sleep.

Try these:

  • have your child lay out their clothes the night before
  • have breakfast set out the night before (bowl, spoon, cereal box ready on the counter!)
  • wake them up at a time that won’t leave them rushing (we know as adults that starting your day frantic of time is not a great way to start the day!)
  • limit or eliminate any sort of screen time in the morning

Thank you for your continued support! Your child’s day matters to us!

Casa News – December 18-22

This Week in Casa: 

We started our Pre-Christmas week with a visit from Mrs. Claus herself! Casa Cooks enjoyed baking cookies in the kitchen with our famous guest and had a chance to ask many questions that were on our minds such as, “Are you Santa’s wife”?, “Do you live at the North Pole”? and “Are you the real Mrs. Claus”?

We have definitely  been spreading Christmas cheer here at KMS! Decorating our classroom door, proudly wearing our best pajama’s, and showing off our festive holiday attire all in the name of Christmas Spirit!


Sincere thanks to all families who contributed to our reverse advent calendar in Casa. Because of your kindness, families will be nourished over the holidays through the “Blessings in a Backpack” initiative.

Thank you for your continued support in encouraging independence and self-advocacy in your children. This sets them up for success at school and fosters the Montessori philosophy.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season, see you in 2018!


Your Casa staff




Casa News – December 11-15

This Week in Casa: 

This week we have been getting into the holiday spirit and having lots of fun out in the fresh snow!  Just a reminder to PLEASE label your child’s outdoor clothing, especially mitts.  It’s very difficult for the teachers to keep track of which items belong to each child and sometimes the children don’t know either. On the same note, if your child brings a sled to school, please be sure to label this as well. We have also been busy making ornaments to decorate the KMS tree.  Maybe your child can show you which one on the tree in their’s!

Next week in Casa:

It’s going to be a busy week next week, filled with Holiday Celebrations!

  • Mrs. Clause (Meaghan’s Mom) will be visiting on Monday to bake delicious cookies with the children.
  • Thursday, our afternoon students will be visiting Elmhirst Resort for a sleigh ride and other outdoor winter fun!  The notification with more details will be posted on the website early next week.
  • Friday is the KMS Holiday Party at The Venue. The children are so excited to show your their song and dance!  We recommend arriving as close to 8:30 as you can. When you arrive, please have your child(ren) visit the bathroom and then leave them with their teachers by 8:45 at the latest.  The show begins at 9:00 and typically runs approximately 1.5 hours. There will be refreshments following. Reminder – there is no school Friday afternoon.  Let the holidays begin!

Casa Tip of the Week: 

1.  Consider tying your child(ren)’s mitts to a string and feeding it through the arms of their jacket.  A quick solution to the many mitt mysteries at KMS.

2. We’ve had a few parents ask us what their children can do over the holidays to continue doing “Montessori things”.  Here are some ideas:

  • Set the table for meals
  • Clear the table after meals (take dishes to the counter, scrape leftover food into the garbage can
  • Help to prepare food (they’ve been practicing pouring, cutting, spreading, and peeling in Casa Cooks
  • Make their bed
  • Get themselves dressed (we have found that laying clothes out the night before helps in the morning routine)
  • Help a younger sibling
  • Have things available for them to practice pouring, washing, dusting, drawing, writing, reading – whatever stage they are at in their learning

Happy Holidays!!