Casa News: Week of 24-28

This Week:

We had our first school-wide fire drill this morning and the students did really well!  This will happen at the end of each month so the children become familiar with the process. You can ask your children questions like “where do you go when the fire bell rings?” (answer – out of the school), “where does your class meet once you get outside?” (answer – at the back of the parking lot), “who do you stay with during a fire drill?” (my teachers).

Next Week:

Welcome October!  We will be working on a Thanksgiving craft this week and are asking that each child please bring in a Mason jar on Monday or Tuesday. If you do not have one and won’t have a chance to buy one this weekend, please let us know and we can see about finding an extra. Thank you for your help! We will also spend time this week talking about gratitude and giving thanks as we lead up to our Thanksgiving long weekend. Reminder: there is no school on Monday, October 8.

Tip/ Reminder:

A reminder that we post pictures on the password protected section of the KMS website each week.  You will not get an email notification when we post them so please check in every once in a while to see if there are new pictures of the students.  You may notice that the photos from last year have been archived so hopefully they will load faster now. In case you forget the steps to login, please see them below:

  • Hover your mouse over “KMS Parents’ Page” until the drop down appears
  • Hover your mouse over “Classroom Pages” and then click “Casa”
  • Enter the password 

Remember, if you signed the photo restriction form when you registered, your child’s photo will not appear on the website. If you would like to remove this restriction, please see Dianne in the office.

Casa Week of September 17-21

This Week:

Lessons were in full swing this week! Students are learning the importance of repeating work until mastery.  They are beginning to understand that once they have practiced their new lessons we can then show them the next piece of work. Everything in Casa has an order!

Casa Cooks was a hit this week! Students enjoyed making butter at circle time. This involved a lot of shaking of whipped cream.

Next Week:

Next week, Casa students will be practicing their first monthly fire drill.

Just a reminder that Friday, September 28th is a PA DAY.


Tip/ Reminder:

Drop off is between 8:30-8:45. Lessons will start promptly at 8:45, so please arrive on time!  

Welcome Casa Families! (Sept. 4-7)

This Week:

Welcome to your very first Casa Weekly Website Post for the 2018/2019 school year!  This is a place where the Casa teachers will share information regarding your child’s week, provide reminders for the following week, and share any tips we think you may find helpful. You will receive an e-mail notification when these posts are updated each Friday. We will also add photos to the classroom web pages each week but a notification will not be sent.  We are still working on a way to archive last year’s photos and will hopefully have a solution for this next week.

We were happy to welcome 21 new students into the Casa community this week!  Our new friends spent the week becoming familiar with their new classrooms, meeting new classmates, and learning their first lessons!

Next Week:

We can’t wait for our returning Casa students to come back to school on Monday!  Files containing communication books, a list of important dates, as well as our classroom schedule will all be sent home on Monday.  Please remember to initial the communication book each day to let us know you have seen our notes.

A reminder that Wednesday morning will be our first Phys. Ed class outside.  Students will leave their backpacks and files in the foyer and shake their teacher’s hand before heading straight outside.

On Friday morning we are having a special guest come in to make apple sauce with the children!

Tip of the Week:

Labeling your child’s clothing and belongings is extremely helpful for teachers to identify what items belong to each student.  This includes backpacks, jackets, shoes…you name it!  Tip: Sharpie Markers work well on labels, as well as making Duct tape labels. “Mabels Labels” is also a wonderful company to order fun personalized labels for your children’s belongings.

Casa News: Week of June 11 – 15

This Week:  It has been a quiet week in the building with the older students gone at camp but our Casa students have been taking advantage of the extra space AND responsibilities. They have been watering ALL the trees, feeding the elementary class pets and practicing yoga in the elementary classrooms!


Tip of the Week and next week: PLEASE READ EMAIL ABOUT NEXT WEEK’S SCHEDULE and plan accordingly.

We would love to see all families at the KMS year end picnic 🙂

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Happy Father’s Day!

Casa News: Week of June 4-8

This Week:  Casa students started the week off creating a  fresh & super healthy green smoothie in Casa Cooks!  The students utilized their kitchen skills learned throughout the year and got right to work cutting, chopping, washing, and grating fruits and vegetables.  Enjoy this delicious recipe below 🙂

Groovy Green Smoothie

*green grapes                                                                                                                                          * cucumber                                                                                                                                                * kiwi                                                                                                                                                              * celery                                                                                                                                                        * granny smith apples                                                                                                                          * 1 cup of ice

Blend ingredients in a blender and enjoy!


Tip of the Week: Sunhats! With the increasing sunshine and even on cloudy days comes harmful UV rays. Please make sure to send a sunhat to school with your child every day and/or keeping an extra hat in their backpack is also a good idea.

Happy Weekend!


Middle School T-Shirts

Dear KMS Parents,
The Middle School class is in the midst of preparing and organizing our Micro-Economies. One of the initiatives we have taken on is designing and selling T-shirts to the KMS community. Our prices will estimate to $20 dollars. Attached to the bottom of this email is a form to fill out for details on your shirt order if you wish to purchase one. Thank you so much for supporting our program.

Casa News: May 7 – 11

This Week:  

Both Casa classrooms have been enjoying doing their work outside in the nice weather! Casa North has set up their “outdoor classroom” in the backyard, which the children have access to through their back door. Casa South children have been choosing to do work on the picnic table out front and on the small tables accessed through their side door. We are so lucky to have these opportunities!

Next Week: 

The Expressive Art Show is here! Please plan to walk the halls and admire art work from all of our students, Casa to Middle School.


Next Friday is a P.A Day and a long weekend! Yay!

Casa News: April 30 – May 4

This Week:  

Casa students have been loving this wonderful Spring weather! We did some sunshine dancing and Outdoor Yoga for gym this week and are grateful for the sun and warmth that is finally here!

Next Week: 

If nice weather continues, stay tuned for communication about Friday afternoon outings to Burnham Woods  in May!


In Casa we are continuously fostering a quiet volume in the classroom. When adults model this calm voice the children then reflect this in their own voices and volume. Please help us to support this notion at home in order to practice mindful communication. Many thanks for your support!


Casa News: April 23-27

This Week:  

Casa students had a fun week continuing to prepare for Expert Day and keeping busy with their classroom work. With the Expressive Arts show fast approaching, students have been creating all sorts of beautiful art!

Next Week: 

Monday is Expert Day!


Even though much of Peterborough is finally drying up, the backyard at KMS is still quite wet and muddy.  Please continue to send your children to school with rubber boots and splash pants if they are kids who love the mud!