Catapults, Woods Walks, Rink update, and Community Service. (by Isla and Kieran)



In UE, we had another Engineering Challenge. It was three people in a group, and we had to make a catapult that functioned with long distance and accuracy. We had a lot of trial and error and then we had to test them against the other groups’ catapults. The winner of the challenge was Joe Perras’ stool-cooking spoon catapult, but he would not accept the victory, so first place went to Saad, Sohun, Fraser, and Gabe. Second place went to Jane, Layla, and Emily and third place went to Kaydence, Molly and Nikhil. Jenna, Evan and Ben sniped the accuracy award, being the only group to knock down any cups at all! (Three… or was it four?)


Once again, thank you to all the people who have been shovelling, getting water, and just helping in general with the rink! We feel that the rink is almost finished. It has been a lot of work and sadly the rink is starting to melt, but with the snow that fell on Thursday, we think it will make a come-back! We have all been looking forward to skating on the rink and we really hope that the rink will freeze again. Fingers crossed!


Recently, the UE class went to Burnham Woods for gym. It was a lot of fun and we hope to have more fun like that in the near future. It was especially great because we got to play some good, old ‘Camouflage’! Being outside in the fresh air was really nice. Unfortunately, some students did not bring the proper outside equipment and got cold. So, please, everyday there is snow on the ground (or it is cold outside), make sure to bring proper equipment for that day.


One time, when we were leaving Burnham Woods, some of the students saw an elderly lady walking down the driveway getting her mail. We felt we could help her. So now, we are arranging with her about volunteering to help shovel her driveway, get her mail, and several other outside chores.


March Break is coming up soon, but in the meantime, we are going to be doing some small group research work to learn more about First Nations, and what they lived like in ancient times. We know that North and South America were the last continents to have humans on them, and learned about the way they got here — over the land bridge from Asia! Did you know that they have found camel and hyena fossils way up North near Alaska? The earliest people travelled across our country using their feet and the best ‘roads’ in Canada…. lakes and rivers! So Joe is busy testing us about our map knowledge of all the lakes and rivers in Canada, as well as provinces and their capitals (which we should already know… haha). Also, for those of us who are really science keen, there is a Science Fair at Trent University to prepare for. We thought you would like to know, since the fair is right after our March Break, so you might need to do some preparing for that over the Break, if you want to go!

(This blog was by: Kieran and Isla, with help from Kristina)

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