UE Update -Epic debating and wipeouts!!!!

This week: We are learning how to solve conflicts in class by doing lots of persuasive writing, debating, and meditating. We are doing debates in class like “Is UE better than LE”. The hardest thing, we are finding out, is to think of arguments FOR something you don’t agree with, or AGAINST something you do agree with.  It helps you think of the other side of an issue or problem, though. We went to Trent for gym on Wednesday, and it is still so fun! Joe reminded us this gym about showing sportsmanship while we play games. We play games like octopus, dodgeball and circles. We sometimes have choice in the gym time to join in a competitive game and a ‘chill’ game, because some of us really care about winning and others just want to have fun.  Jimmy Chapman the breakdancer is coming today to KMS and teaching us some sweet moves.  At recess, some kids sled down the big hill beside the school. Some people crash in the bushes and stumps.

Next week: In UE in the second term the kids get to come to the interviews, and do all the talking!  We did some self-assessments this week on our learning, and the teachers have said that overall we did a great job reflecting and writing about how things were going for us academically and socially in the classroom.  We can’t wait to share with you at the interview!  Next week we get pancakes on Tuesday because it’s Pancake Day.  All of the pancakes are made by the Lower Elementary students.  Yum! and Thanks!  We also have games day and then big clean up because we have interviews. We clean first, and then play games, because as Joe says, “Work hard, then play hard!” We also have the last Trent day of this year on Wednesday, so don’t forget your gym stuff!

Have an excellent weekend…

by Evan and Fiona



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