Family Trees and Zoologies

Hey there, long time no blog! Sorry, what with snow days and holidays, we have gotten out of routine. However, we are back to share what is going on in UE lately!

First of all, check out the photos. Yes, we do work here! We want to share a couple of stand-out pieces of work we are proud of as well as telling you how we are doing with both social and academic things in the class this year. So make sure to sign up for a time slot — it’s a STUDENT LED one, because that’s what we are all about here at KMS. Student led!

Many of us worked on our family trees – check them out in the hallway. Sohun did an amazing family tree of Greek Mythology — check it out beside the office!

There seems to be a lot of PERSUADING going on this term. We have learned all the tricks to persuade someone, in Ads, in arguments…so we have been applying that to paragraphs and now essays. The grand finale? DEBATING! Our teachers say that there is nothing more worthwhile than CIVILIZED ARGUING. That’s debating. First one will be on Monday, if you want to come and watch it.

We are all on an Energy Diet these days. Ask us what electricity actually IS, and how it is made! We have started work on that. We are currently (haha, energy joke there) learning about all the ways Ontario makes electricity. We really need to use less to save the planet from greenhouse gases, and global warming, so we are doing a NO POWER HOUR at school for the next…well, maybe forever!

That’s all for now, and have a great weekend!

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