UE Update

The countdown is on! Students in UE have been enjoying a few festive, holiday season things this week. On Wednesday we made a very traditional shortbread recipe that Kristina brought in. She told us that her friend’s Nana’s Nana used to make these cookies back in Wales, over an open fireplace in their home! Students worked in groups and shared the baking and the delicious results. Hope you got to sample some at home. We have been continuing the card-making, too, in art. There are some creative brains in our class! Also, today we shared our Three Wishes stories with each other. What would YOU wish for, if you had three wishes? One for yourself, one for someone else, and one for the world?

Next week we have fairly normal days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday we will be doing a morning run-through of our performance at the Venue, (and then a games afternoon) so that we can be ready for our Friday morning show for you!

Have a great weekend!

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