UE Update – giving means you get. Ha!

Well, in an improbable way, we are beginning to connect some things here in UE. This week, we have figured out that giving means you get. No, really! It’s true! Just read these examples…

This week, we did something we always enjoy. We help the Casa students go shopping in the school Santa Shop! The Lower Elementary students set up a small shop in the library where students can come and shop without their parents. We help the really young ones — it is so exciting for them but they usually need a bit of help, seeing all the choices of presents, and managing their money. They bring a list and we help them write name tags on the presents and everything! It’s hard work, but in the end it is so worth it! They are pretty cute and make some funny purchases!

Another thing that has been happening in the yard is building the DaVinci bridge at recess. We take turns holding it for each other, because it is pretty wobbly. When you hold it for others for awhile, then you get a turn walking g over it. Another example of giving and getting!

We also have started scheming for a class Secret Santa event, where we both give and get a present! We really blew it the first time we drew names — hardly any of us kept our secret, and everyone knew who had who in about two days. We really messed up. So, we had a meeting and voted to really try to keep our person SECRET, since that’s what it’s called for a reason. We are really trying hard not to even TALK about it, so that we don’t spill our secret. This is one more example of how we work self-regulation into our day here at KMS.

Oh, AND we just sang at Springdale Nursing Home! We gave, (singing, cheerful smiles) and we got (cookies, juice, made elders happy).

Looking forward next week to more students presenting their independent projects, and on Wednesday we will be doing baking in the kitchen in addition to art, music, and gym.

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