UE Update – carnivores, DaVinci, and cookies!

We can’t believe it will be December next week! This Wednesday we practiced our singing for the trip to Springdale Nursing Home next Wednesday morning, and OE was our last one for the term with Nancy in the woods. We got to play a spectacular game of Survival, with herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores running around and eating each other in Burnham Woods. So much fun! In December we get to do some seasonal baking again on Wednesdays in the kitchen, so get ready for delicious things coming home in backpacks the next couple of Wednesdays!

Our Celebrations Committee got together and organized a Secret Santa — $10 maximum, homemade gifts very welcome, exchange on the 20th of December. Hopefully your student will remember whose name they got! It is a true exercise in self- regulation: can you keep a secret? For how long?

Today the grade 6 students learned about the DaVinci Bridge, and how to make it! Now they are experts in beam, truss, arch, and suspension bridges. Mountain building will begin on Monday with the grade 4 students, and grade 5s are continuing their investigations of pulleys and simple machines.

Have a great weekend!

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