Casa News November 19 to 22, 2018

This week in Casa:  We have been working really hard on preparing for our concert!  This year we will be singing and signing “It’s a Small World”.  Please encourage your child to practice at home!

Next Week in Casa:   We will continue to toboggan, so long as the weather cooperates!  Feel free to leave your child’s toboggan in the “toboggan holder” in the backyard, if you would like.  Also, you can ask your child to tell you some of the safety rules around tobogganing here at school.

Tip of the Week:  Looking for something to do this weekend?  Please label your child’s winter clothing!  It would be so helpful to us, as everyone seems to have the same mittens and snow pants.  If you have time to allow your child to practice dressing in their complete winter gear, that would also be helpful.

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