UE Update – Mini Worlds and Remembering…

Perhaps the motto in UE should be ‘Plan it, Then Make it Happen’. We keep practicing this, over and over. It’s fine to have great ideas, but we know the world doesn’t change unless you put some of those great plans into action!

We really stepped up this week to make our part in the Remembrance Day ceremony great! We wrote poems, made art, and did a little researching to find out more about the wars, and the people in them. We shared our work at the Ceremony today. Joe’s Uke group shared a great song – yay, Uke group! We had a special visitor (Brennah’s dad) come in to share a gripping story about his aunt Maria, and her life as a teenage Polish supporter of the resistance. She was a prisoner at Auchwitz, and survived the war to live her life in Canada. It really makes us thankful that we don’t have to face war in our country and all the very devastating things that come with it.

This week on Wednesday we had a great time in Burnham Woods investigating soil. There’s a lot there that you aren’t seeing unless you really look closely! Thanks to Nancy and Carrie for helping us to learn outdoors.

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