UE breaking news: Mayors, Unicorns, and Wax Museums, oh my!

It’s hopping in UE!


The grade 5 students did a little research on the Candidates for Mayor in Peterborough. We are having a student vote Monday to see who the student body chooses. Have YOU done your research? Do YOU know who you will vote for in your area? We take democracy seriously in UE.

Some of the committees we made are starting to accomplish things! Halloween potluck is for sure happening! Details to follow.

Another thing you may have heard about already is our UE Wax Museum, being held on the Tuesday before Halloween! We wanted a chance to dress up and this was a way to do it without freaking out the younger students with scary costumes. Come and see us and learn a thing or two about some famous people in history! Also, could you help us organize our costume/props for the day? Thanks!!

What? The ‘Unicorns’? Oh yeah! Thanks to Brennah, Sage, and Victoria for making and selling delicious Friday treats for us. In the shape of Unicorn cupcakes. Great fundraising eats!

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