LE NEWS -October 15-19,2018

This week students have been working hard and playing hard. We have been talking a great deal about setting daily individual goals. Students are beginning to learn how to make sure they are challenging themselves but also ensure  they make time for the activities they enjoy.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who attended the Chapter’s Fundraiser and donated books to our classroom!

Next week Picture Day is on Tuesday, Friday is a PA Day, and Wednesday is Take Me Outside Day. Upper Elementary will be organizing some activities for students to participate in.

Read below to learn more about Take Me Outside Day or visit the link; 

Welcome To Take Me Outside

“Take Me Outside is a non profit organization committed to educating and creating awareness with Canadians about our connection with nature and our time spent outside.”


“A connection to nature and time spent outside is invaluable to building optimal mental, emotional, social and physical health for every child and youth. Research supports the links between a child’s connection with nature and their health. Increased outdoor time can be directly connected to improved physical activity levels, higher academic achievement, decreased child injury rates, increased attention spans, positive social interaction and increased engagement at school, home and in the community.”


Quote of the Week:


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