Casa News Week of Oct 15th to 19th, 2018

This week:

We have had another wonderful week of growing our brains!  We have had so many lessons, experiences and adventures that are helping our students to develop their whole selves.

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On Saturday October 20th from 10 to 12 we will be hosting an Open House.  We are hoping that you can share this information with anyone you feel might be interested in an authentic Montessori education for their child.

Next Week:

We are excited to be hosting a guest chef on Monday.  Thank you for sending in your veggies for our Stone Soup extravaganza! Picture Day will take place on October 23rd.  Friday October 26th is a PA day.  We will be running Parent Teacher interviews for our new students next week.  Please be sure to sign up via the email you received, if you have not already done so.  We kindly ask that you do not bring your child to the interview.  If you need to arrange after school care, you should contact the office as soon as possible.

Casa Tip:

THANK YOU for labeling your child’s clothing!  We ask that you continue to do so as the seasons change.  You can not imagine how helpful this small detail is.

It is essential that your child get adequate sleep each night, in order that they may be their best selves at school.  One fantastic strategy to increase your child’s sleep is to put them to bed just a few minutes earlier each night; even if it is just by three minutes each day.  By the end of the week your child will be getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep each day!  This can have a major impact on their ability to focus, learn and manage in social situations.


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