LE News: Week of Sept 24th-27th

This Week:

It was a fast, yet busy week here in Lower Elementary! One of the focuses for our week has been keeping our classroom neat and tidy. Students in Lower Elementary are given a classroom job each week. For example; Pet Care, Washing Tables, Dusting Shelves etc.  This helps everyone take responsibility and contribute to being a member in their classroom.

A couple of highlights for this week were planting bulbs and pizza day! Students enjoyed planting bulbs in our outside garden at the front of our classroom.  Pizza Tuesdays started this week and it was a hit! Just a reminder if you want to order pizza or prepared lunches, you can find the order forms online.

Next Week:

Happy October! We are excited for Thanksgiving!  We will be talking about what we are thankful for and  making cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.

Tip of the Week:

To help foster independence in all areas of your child’s life, encourage them to complete tasks on their own. For example; carry their own backpack to and from school or prepare their own lunch for school.

Quote of the week:

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