Casa News: Week of 24-28

This Week:

We had our first school-wide fire drill this morning and the students did really well!  This will happen at the end of each month so the children become familiar with the process. You can ask your children questions like “where do you go when the fire bell rings?” (answer – out of the school), “where does your class meet once you get outside?” (answer – at the back of the parking lot), “who do you stay with during a fire drill?” (my teachers).

Next Week:

Welcome October!  We will be working on a Thanksgiving craft this week and are asking that each child please bring in a Mason jar on Monday or Tuesday. If you do not have one and won’t have a chance to buy one this weekend, please let us know and we can see about finding an extra. Thank you for your help! We will also spend time this week talking about gratitude and giving thanks as we lead up to our Thanksgiving long weekend. Reminder: there is no school on Monday, October 8.

Tip/ Reminder:

A reminder that we post pictures on the password protected section of the KMS website each week.  You will not get an email notification when we post them so please check in every once in a while to see if there are new pictures of the students.  You may notice that the photos from last year have been archived so hopefully they will load faster now. In case you forget the steps to login, please see them below:

  • Hover your mouse over “KMS Parents’ Page” until the drop down appears
  • Hover your mouse over “Classroom Pages” and then click “Casa”
  • Enter the password 

Remember, if you signed the photo restriction form when you registered, your child’s photo will not appear on the website. If you would like to remove this restriction, please see Dianne in the office.

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