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Bonjour Parents,

I would like to extend a huge “MERCI” for your continuous support of the French program at KMS. We have had a fun filled year learning French at all levels. At the request of some parents I have composed a list of websites that may be helpful for summer practice.

  1. Duolingo: This is a fantastic French website that allows students to advance at their own pace.  It works on vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking (junior/ intermediate)
  2. Bescherelle: This is a tool that provides all verb conjugations (intermediate/senior)
  3. This provides an online French dictionary, encyclopedia, games and cooking dictionary ( intermediate/senior)
  4. parlonsfrancais-  real life scenarios using French language (intermediate/advanced)
  5. French games ( primary levels)
  6. French games( primary/ junior levels)
  7. Songs: Julie Powers-Bonjour comment ca va, Counting songs
  8. Gregg Le rock
  9. Any songs that review colours, numbers, sports, animals, food in French ( primary)

I wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday! Merci beaucoup et bonnes vacances!





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