Week of May 28-June 1, 2018

What’s Happened:

This week students began caring for and watering their own two trees at KMS. Some students were even singing to and naming their trees!! I have to say I think the trees liked it! Kaia donated some flowers for our garden and in groups we decided where they should be planted. Thank you Kaia and Couch family! Today we participated in the big Jump Rope for Heart event. Students travelled around circuits with their mixed age team and fun was had by all. It was very heartwarming to see older students caring for and guiding younger students.

Next Week:

Next Thursday the LE and UE classes will attend the “Children’s Water Festival” at the Peterborough Zoo. We are still in need of a couple more parent volunteers who have police checks.


Please watch the calendar as there a great deal of things happening in the last few weeks of school!

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