LE NEWS -April 23-27, 2018

What’s Happened:

This week we continued to work on our group projects for Expert Day and had an opportunity to practice with our classmates. Everyone is looking forward to sharing their work with parents and students from other classes! We also had an opportunity to attend the play “Peter Pan” put on by the St. James Players. The play was a musical and a number of the actors were KMS student alumni. The acting and singing was impressive and entertaining!

Next Week:

On Monday parents are welcome to attend Expert Day from 9 to 11 and are welcome to drop in to each of the classes. Next week is also May the first and it looks like Spring is finally arriving!


Our classroom pet bunny is always available for weekend visits if anyone would like to borrow a pet for a couple of days. He is no trouble, is very social and loves cuddles!

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