LE News April 16-20, 2018

What’s Happened:

This week in LE we said “Goodbye” to Quinn our student teacher from Trent University who was such a great help every Thursday. We will miss her and hopefully she will come back and visit with us. In small groups, we have been very busy working on our famous Artist projects and we are learning such cool things! Today we hosted a visitor, Glen Caradus who helped us celebrate Earth Day. We sang songs, watched a puppet show and learned all about taking care of the Earth. Thank you, Glen!

Next Week:

Next week we will continue to research our Artists and get our presentations ready for parents the following week. The Grade Three’s will also write the CAT test next week. On Thursday, we will attend the play “Peter Pan” performed by the St. James Players.


Please relabel water bottles and other items as some names are wearing off and it is difficult to tell what items belong to which students.

A number of students are complaining of being hungry and have needed extra crackers, I guess everyone is growing. Please check in with your child to see if they need some extra snacks or lunch. Thank you!


Have a great, warm and sunny weekend!!!

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