UE Update: Week of April 2nd-April 6th

This Week:

Students have been working hard this week to get back into the routine of our regular work cycle. Lessons have started on a study of the Hydrosphere with grade fours focusing on the water cycle and clouds. Grade fives are studying ocean currents and erosion and the grade sixes are examining rivers. The week was capped off with our first of three Engineering Challenges.  Keeping with the Easter theme, in pairs students were tasked with designing and constructing a contraption from random materials that would safely deliver an egg from the top of the playground to a specified target on the ground below. Congratulations to Ivy Morgan and Brennah Hammond, the winners of our first Engineering Challenge.

Next Week:

Students will begin a group novel study on Monday that will continue over the next several months. The continued focus for writing will be a study of various forms of poetry. Students will participate in the nation wide Mathematica Centrum math contest on Wednesday morning and Engineering Challenge #2 will take place on Friday.


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