Casa weekly news: Feb. 12-15

This Week: 

Our Casa students enjoyed the week celebrating with  pancakes, hearts , the Pete’s and of course, the Olympics!

Monday was “opening ceremonies” and we waved our homemade Canadian flags down the halls on our way out for recess. The rest of the school joined  us and we chanted our “Go Canada Go” together outside!

We are thankful for the LE students and their cooking skills as we enjoyed eating the delicious pancakes and maple syrup on Tuesday!

We had fun making Valentines Day crafts and hope that you enjoy them!

Next Week:

It is another short week but we look forward to learning new lessons and practicing what we have been taught.

The Olympic spirit will also continue and we look forward to our whole school event, Olympic Day! Go Canada Go!

Tip of the Week:

No matter what age, sport is a great way to teach your children about sportsmanship, perseverance, determination and joy! Great conversations can happen when watching an event like the Olympics, make it a family event of your own!


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