KMS Ski Days Itinerary

Hello Elementary and Middle School Families,

Please see below the details for the Elementary and Middle School KMS Ski Days:

Transportation by Bus:

Bus Departure from KMS – 7:45 am SHARP

Bus Departure from Brimacombe – 3:00 pm

Arrival at KMS  – 3:45 pm

Not traveling on the Bus:

If your child will not be traveling on the bus you must inform the school by end of day Monday as we leave too early in the morning on Tuesday to change plans. As well, if your child is not on the bus and is being transported by another parent/guardian you must inform the school. Please let us know this information through email or with Carolyn in the office by

PLEASE NOTE CASA FAMILIES WHO ARE SKIING: As each Casa child needs to be accompanied by a parent/guardian, we will simply meet you at the hill.


If your child requires medication such as a puffer, Epi-pen, etc. while at school, we will bring those items with us on the Ski Days. However, if your child travels to and from school with those items each day, please ensure they have them with them on the Ski Days. All children who require an Epi-pen must wear it the entire day.

Lunch & Snacks:

Each child must bring a lunch and snacks, as well as a water bottle. Please pack a litterless lunch. While there is a cafeteria, where children can purchase food and drinks – we encourage students to bring food from home. We can provide guidance, but we will not be supervising their purchases.

NOTE: Pizza Day has been canceled for ski days. PEG will communicate with parents to reschedule/reimburse.


If you have not yet brought in your registration form for skiing please do so by Monday morning at the latest. The registration deadline was Feb 1st. We have asked the ski hill to extend it to Feb 2nd. The waivers and payment must be into the school at the latest by end of day Monday as we leave too early in the morning on Tuesday to process forms and payment. Here is the Brimacombe link and password:


Looking forward to a great day on the slopes!!!

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