Casa Weekly News – January 29 – February 2

This Week: 

Our Casa students were fortunate to have 2 guests in to visit this week!  On Monday, Justin and Jodi Pinkerton came to teach the children all about a paramedic’s role in our community.  Students got to listen to their own heart beats using a stethoscope, lie on a stretcher, and tour the inside of the ambulance!  On Friday, Jimmy Chapman will be visiting again to continue his lessons in break dancing!  The kids are VERY excited!!

Next Week:

Next week is our first week in quite some time that we don’t have a trip or guest booked.  Students traditionally find great joy in these types of weeks, as they love their routines of lessons and work. We’ll be gearing up for a week of love and gratitude the following Valentine’s week. A friendly reminder – please do not send Valentine’s Day cards with your Casa aged child(ren).  Thank you!

Tip of the Week:

Our paramedic guests recommended that children know two pieces of information in their homes:

1.  Their address. If they are too young to memorize their address, it was suggested to post the address on the fridge.  Even if your child can not read yet, 911 operators are trained to ask creative questions that will help a child to share such information.

2.  How to call 911.  If you have a landline in your home, this should be an easier task.  If not, it is recommended that you teach your child how to make an emergency call from your cell phone (hint – most cell phones have an “emergency call” button on the swipe screen so you don’t have to give them your password).

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