MS Update: January 22 – 26

Hello Middle School Families,

We had a very informative visit from Dr. Angela Carruthers (mum of Brennah in UE) in Middle School today. Angela is an ER doctor and she gave us some great perspective on the many many careers in the medical field. Students were challenged to think about what they might want to do when it’s time for them to choose a career. Angela had a great opener in which she asked students to brainstorm thoughts and ideas use the following prompts:

Right now I can…

Someday I will…

Here are some photos from the talk:

Looking forward to next week…

Monday: Parent Education (4-5:30pm)

Tuesday: Gym @Trent (BYO LUNCH, bathing suit, gym clothes, running shoes)

Wednesday: Music Exam

Thursday: French Exam

Friday: Break Dancing in the Afternoon

Have a great weekend!


A.J. & Carrie

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