Hello KMS Families,

Well, here we go again!
The freezing rain that accumulated overnight has made roads hazardous to drive on. It is expected to warm up as the day progresses.
Please note the schedule and routine for today:
  • There will not be Before School Care this am. We are unable to have staff arrive safely in time.
  • ALL Elementary and Middle School students are to arrive at KMS. The busing company will notify us by 9:00 if they can take us to Trent for gym class. All students should arrive anticipating going.
  • While main roads in Peterborough are manageable to drive on, the side roads are not. This means our staff will be limited until they can arrive safely at school.
  • As of now, After School Care will operate
  • As of now, Prepared lunch for Casa will be available
The sander is arriving at KMS as we speak, however, please enter and exit our driveway cautiously. 
Please know that while public school buses may be canceled, we need to base our decisions on the best weather and road conditions available to us, while keeping the safety of our students, staff, and families as our top priority.
I thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these important safety decisions.
I live on a side road and will be making my way in as soon as it is safe. I encourage you to be safe as well!
Please let us know if your child will not be coming in today.
Thank you,

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