Casa Field Trip Details (Camp Kawartha Outdoor Centre – Wednesday January 24, 2018)

Great news Casa families!

We have decided to extend our day at the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre (on Wednesday) until 2:30.
What does that mean for your child?
1)  We ask that you drop your child off at KMS between 8:30 and 8:45, as usual.  The bus will be leaving promptly, shortly after that.
2)  If your child is usually picked up at 11:45 or 1:00, please make arrangements to pick them up at the same time from the Outdoor Ed Centre.  We recognize that this is a change in your usual routines, but we feel that the opportunity to experience this field trip makes it worth it!  The address is 2505 Pioneer Rd, up near Trent University.  Please let your classroom teachers know that you have read this and that you are able to pick them up there.
3)  If your child is used to having a nap or a rest in the afternoon, rest time will still be provided at the Centre.  Given that this is a new environment, your child may have a hard time sleeping, so if you would prefer, you are welcome to pick up your child at 1:00 instead.  Please let your classroom teacher know of your plans.
4)  The bus will bring the remaining students back to KMS at 2:30 for a regular 3:30 pick up.
We are all excited to be able to take advantage of this extended day, and look forward to watching your children experience this programming!  Please let us know if you have any questions.
Kind regards,
Your Casa Teaching Team
~ Click on the link below to see the Notification of Off Premises Activity

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