French play

Bonjour Parents,

The date for the French play presentations is changed to Friday, January 26th in the morning. Below is the schedule for each class and group. Kindly please reply to and let me know if you are able to attend. The plays will be held in the Specialist room. The students and I are excited to have you as our guests.


Jodi Proulx


9:00-9:15  Group 1: Eilee, William, Nolan, Jessie, Julie, Finlay, Julien

9:30-9:45  Group 2: Finn, Molly, Jalen, Callan, Owen, Natalie, Brian, Ashton


10:45-11:00  Group 1: Troy, Meyah, Nikko, William, Silas, Imo, Yves

11:15-11:30  Group 2: Hannah, Lucca, Nathan, Evan, Joycelyn, Max

11:30-11:45  Group 3: Jackson, Isla, Orion, Charlie, Atticus, Andrew

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