UE News — Jan 8 – Jan 12

Happy New Year!!

We have hit the ground running, for this very short term, in UE!  We welcome Chelsea, our practice teacher from Nipissing  University.  She is completing her alternative placement, and will be with us for the next three weeks, in the mornings (afternoons  in LE).

Breakdancer Jimmy Chapman came to class and showed us how to do some of his dance moves.  We will see him again in another couple of weeks.

Trent gym has started!  We go every Tuesday morning for the month of January.  This term we also will enjoy some downhill and cross country ski days — see the KMS calendar to find out exactly when they are!  Please bring indoor gym clothing and SHOES for Tuesdays, or you won’t be able to participate.  (Trent University rules)

Everyone in UE has chosen a novel, and will be reading it this term, and answering weekly questions about it.  Such interesting choices already!

We have started the term with a real Geography focus!  Everyone has chosen a country to learn more about, and after we learn about our country, students will be getting together with classmates who have learned about a country on the same continent as theirs. They will be putting together their knowledge to construct a huge 3-D map of their continent with a land-and-water biome focus (instead of a political one).    Peace begins with understanding others.

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