Holiday Gratitude

Message from Ugette Vanderpost, KMS Principal
To our amazing community of KMS families,
Life is always so busy at this time of year and it can be hard to slow down, but as the Principal of KMS, I want to reach out to all of you, our students, their families, and the community at large – to say thank you.
I am very grateful for Kawartha Montessori School. It is an incredible place to work and learn. I am proud to be the principal, and I truly do believe in the potential of every single child that attends our school.
I see it every single day: our students are engaged, inspiring, and independent learners who embrace their curiosity and then use it to move forward and achieve incredible academic and personal growth. And at a time when we hear that students in the public system are falling behind in certain subjects, we continue to see that Montessori works–our students are experiencing success in every subject, and at every level.
It is true that we have high expectations, but we also know that children will strive to meet those expectations when given the enriched environment to do so. I am grateful to work with our highly trained, educated, and loving staff. The continuous cycle of teaching and learning is experienced by everyone who works here. Our KMS families also bring such love and trust to our school. We all work hard, together, in particular, our Board of Directors, a group of parents who are deeply committed to the vision of our school. We simply wouldn’t be where we are as a school without the 35 years of parents, staff, and children behind us.
We believe so deeply in our practice, and we know being authentically Montessori is the only way to truly respect a child’s love of learning. We take the name and Maria Montessori’s work seriously. Our incredible inside and outside learning environments are rich with joy and give children the freedom to develop and grow as individuals. The academic success of our students sets us apart and the positive, nurturing community is our greatest strength. My gratitude is rejuvenated every day when the children of our school walk through the doors.
Have a wonderful holiday everyone. And, if you don’t know already…
Thank you.

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