Middle School Micro-Economy: Holiday Crackers!

Hello Families!

The Middle School has been working hard on a Holiday Micro-Economy over the last few days. We are making our own Holiday Crackers (the kind you snap-crackle-pop, not the kind you eat!)

Please follow this link to pre-order your crackers. We may or may not have crackers available for sale the day of (depends on the number of pre-orders we get). So please pre-order to guarantee that we have some for you!

Crackers are being sold in sets of 6. They are $10 for 6 or $20 for 12 and they each include:

  • a cracker snap to pull with a friend
  • a paper crown
  • a joke/riddle
  • a toy

Our product will be complete and ready for pick-up on Tuesday after school.

Here is a sneak peak!

25% of our sales will go to a local charity (TBD by the Middle School Students). 


A.J. on behalf of the Middle School Students.

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