MS Update November 27-December 1

Hello Middle School Families!

We had a really amazing visit from Nancy Thomson on Tuesday morning. We started off the morning outside with some warm-up games and activities. Here are some photos:

Math Hands!
Games! Games! Games!

Special handshakes.

Math hands!

Nature Nancy!

Funny stuff.
Serious stuff.

After that, we came inside to ASK QUESTIONS and discover some things we didn’t know about each other and to find out what we have in common:

Finding commonalities!
Commonalities. “Things we like.”
Finding commonalities.
Finding commonalities.
Finding commonalities.

Finally, we talked about body language. We started by acting out certain emotions. We talked about how body language and tone account for a huge part of the message that we send to others before the words even come into play! We brain stormed how certain emotions look and how we can mix up messages that we are giving and receiving if we don’t ask questions!


Shy? Afraid?

Overall, it was a great day and we are so grateful to Nancy for designing a special workshop for us that targeted some really great themes.

We hope to work with Nancy again in the future!

Have a great weekend!

A.J. & Carrie

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