Francais at KMS

Bonjour! French at KMS is exciting at all levels. The CASA students are still practicing their play with their costumes. Props will be added in soon. The play will not be presented to parents until after Christmas for CASA.

LE students are soon ready to present their play “Comment Y Aller?” Props were added in this week which was very exciting for them. WE WILL BE PRESENTING THE LE PLAY ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21ST. Times will be set soon for each group. I will keep you posted.

UE students started a new unit called “Explorons l’univers. ” This unit teaches them all about space in French! C’est fantastique!

MS students are continuing to work on their food unit and learning new grammar concepts. TOURTIERE SALES WILL BE MONDAY DECEMBER 11TH AND THURSDAY DECMEBER 14TH AT 3:30. They are made fresh to go and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Bon weekend!!


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