LE News Nov 20-24

This Week in Art and Drama:

The students did a great job creating Silhouette Paintings in Art Class this week. They experimented with watercolour paints to create their colourful backgrounds. Then while that was drying, they decided what they wanted their silhouettes to be (cut out of black and glued onto the background). Each painting was unique, some being with animals and some being with houses and landscapes. Great creativity!

This week in Drama Class, we began with our usual warm-up games and activities. There are already favourites that are asked for each week, especially Flinch! We have also begun practising our play for the Holiday Concert. We held auditions a couple of weeks back, and those that wished to go for particular parts, did. Then we held a blind vote to decide. Now, each student that opted for a speaking part has the script and is working on saying their lines with dramatic flair. We are making progress!

Have a great weekend!

Kristi, Cindy and Becky

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